10 of history’s greatest unsolved mysteries

10 of history’s greatest unsolved mysteries

10 of history’s greatest unsolved mysteries

The Ronoak Island located on the coast of North Carolina was founded in 1587 by the British settlers led by John White. White Washington Dyer – his wife, daughter, and lady Dare – who went to England for further supplies to leave the first English child born in New World. When he returned in 1590, the entire colony was abandoned with the words “croton” inscribed on a post only. The most popular theory is that colonists fled to nearby islands and met local American tribes.

Stonehenge, the rocky monument that raised the neolithic builder for approximately 1,500 years, including a huge straight stone. Located in southern England, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although some scientists have suggested that the glacier or the running snow blossom, heavy lifting once in the ice age, not only for the people but also the purpose of building it remains the mystery. Popular theories call it a grave ground in a place of healing.

In 1888, “Whitechapel Killer” killed five prostitutes in Victorian London, and the mystery of Jack the Ripper was born. Even after more than 120 years, people are still searching for her deadly serial killer who broke her prey stomach. The word “Ripperology” is now used for its hunting research and analysis.


The Antikythera process is an old analog computer created by Greek scientist in 150 or 100 BC. The computer was used to forecast astronomy and even to forecasters. It maintains a mystery because even after the mechanical clock was created in Europe, the technology was never seen again until the 14th century.


King Arthur is not only based in Celtic folklore, nor does anyone know if the legendary British ruler was led by Briton at the end of the 5th century or in the beginning of the 6th century on Saxon invaders. Romance literature draws on the Arthurian legend, in which the head of the Camelot state and the round tablets, the ingenuity of talent and the magical power of the medieval period grew.


Bird’s English “Author Question” still continues to haunt many scholars by trying to find a humble person how a humble person enters the world of literature. Among the popular conspiracy theories, he was a geologist or actually Sir Francis Bacon, 17th Earl of Oxford or even another playwright Christopher Marl of the same era.


According to mythological stories, people called the Late Giant, who is lovingly named as Nessie, Aquatic animals found in Scotland in the 1930s. Some believers suggest that it is a very large animal that represents a line of dinosaurs. “Surgeon Photographs”, which dates back to 1934 as the first photographic evidence of the animal. Researcher Robert Rains said that due to global warming some animals have been extinct.


Various ships and airplanes have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle, which is located in the North Atlantic Ocean. The earliest article published about a disappearance was in The Miami Herald (Associated Press) in 1950. Although several studies and researchers have claimed that the stories revolving around the Devil’s Triangle are false, it remains a great piece of geographical mystery till date.


Area 51 is a remote US Air Force facility in the native United States, which is thought to be the storage site of the crashed UFOs. Conspiracy theories about the land are vastly limited, the Extraterrestrial Highway is limited, it is a popular UFO sighting site, and alien technology research has underground facilities and even rumors.


The ancient Indus Valley civilization emerged about 4,500 years ago and till the fall of civilization, it was grown along the fertile plain of the Indus River. Until 1911, Mohenjo Daro was very unknown when archaeologists first came to the city. Known for its drainage and grid architecture, the destruction of the city still remains a historical puzzle. These theories attack large numbers of surgical operations from the river.


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