5 Children Raised by Animals

5 Children Raised by Animals

After being kidnapped in Colombia in the year 1954 at the age of five,  Marina Chapman spent an estimated five years in the jungle alongside the monkey, as well as in the South American forest, she saw the predator and avoided hunting. Although they did not accept him immediately, an old monkey broke him with intestinal pain, and finally, little girls and primates developed a family composition. When he was rescued by the hunters, he lost all human language and was finally sold to a prostitute before fleeing to England. 60-year-old  Marina Chapman thinks he has married with children and his memoir, The Girl Woman No Name: The Independent Force True Star of the Girl Raised by Bani, this year.

Indian Wolf Boy “,Dina Sanichar  is found in a cave at Secunderabad, at the age of six, when a hunter runs a four-footed footstep and follows a maternal wolf in his cave, then he plots and keeps the child in silence. The colleagues rescued Sinnikar from the wolf, and he was brought back to civilization. However, the little boy is wild…


Vanya Yudin, Russian “bird boy” At the age of 7, birds were filled with Volgograd apartment. The child was raised without the contact of a human – his single mother refused to talk to him – so the only sound he heard was the tears of the birds. For example, he could not speak, but most of the chippings emanated, as well as excited the hand. In 2008, he was taken to the custody of the state, who was working for rehabilitation.

Many children raised by animals also show other signs of developing the disease. The strange thing that a girl from Ukraine in China was going to live with her dogs in Doga explains the phenomenal phenomenon where she becomes adaptable to social structure and communication. When he lived in 1991, the state had invented, he could have spoken very little. They received him at a home where mentally ill, where he was rehabilitated, and he now lives alive and works there.

When a young boy named “Bello” was introduced to the NigerianFargoo forest in the age of six months, a group of chimpanzees found him and saved his life. He took care of mother’s chips and spent one year and one and a half year in his company, taught how to walk in a striking, impressive manner and express himself with grants and squill. He was rescued in 1996 and a child was brought home, where he unknowingly works for rehabilitation and teaches him in the human way.


5 Children Raised by Animals

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5 Children Raised by Animals

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