5 children who remember past lives

5 children who remember past lives

5 children who remember past lives

1.Ryan – A Boy From The Midwest

Ryan’s story began at the age of 4 when he was experiencing frequent, nightmares. Once he became five times, he announced to his mother. He said to her, “I was someone else.”

He often talked to Hollywood about “going home,” and his mother requested him to take him there. She is working for Rita Hairwor, Broadway Productions, and organizations where people often change their names. He even believed that the street name he lived in was “rock” in it. Ryan’s mother, Cindy, said, “Her stories were so detailed and they were so huge that it is not like a child that can make it.”Cindy decided to check out some books about Hollywood from her local library, it may seem that some of her inside might catch the attention of her son, and it did. Cindy said that once he found the image below – according to him, Ryan has claimed in his past that everything has changed.

They decided to seek help from Tucker, who took the case and started his research. About two weeks later, a Hollywood movie archive was able to confirm the identity of the people in the photo. The film was from a film called “Night Bitter Night” and was Martin Martyn, who was an additional film and later became a powerful Hollywood agent before he died in 1964.

Martin actually danced at Broadway, where the stage names for new clients were often made, traveled abroad and lived in Beverly Hills, on 825 North Roxbury Drive. All these details were that Ryan was able to communicate with Parker, to know the identity of what he had described; For example, Ryan knew that this address was “rox”. Ryan was able to remember how many times Martin had been and how many times his marriage was. More unusual yet, Ryan knew that Martin had two sisters, but Martin did not have his own daughter. Ryan also remembered an African-American maid; Marty and her wife employed various. These 55 unbelievable incidents that Ryan can remember about Martin Martin from his previous life, even though at the same age, his memories gradually slow down.

2.James Leininger

James was a 4-year-old son from Louisiana. And he believed that he was once a World War II pilot, who shot dead on an island named Iowa, which was fought in the United States in 1945 to hold the United States.

James realized for the first time that when James started the nightmare, he was waking up and shouting “plane crash” and “fire on a plane”. He knew the details of WWII aircraft, which is impossible for a young person to know. For example, when her mother referred to an object under a plane as a bomb, it was fixed by James, who told her that it was a ‘drop tank’. Otherwise, he and his parents are a documentary, and the Japanese describe the Japanese plane as a Zero when James stressed that it was Tony. In both cases, James turned to be right.

James further stressed that in his previous life, he blew a ship named Natom, which Lining discovered, it was a WW11 air carrier (USS Natoma Bay). James said that his previous name was James, and suddenly in the USS Natoma Bay Squadron, the names of pilots were James Haston who was killed in the work on the Pacific Ocean. For some of James Leininger’s statement, Dr. Receive additional documents of money and anyone from the family even heard about James Haston or USS Natoma Baby before he was created.

Ask yourself, how can a two-year-old man in Louisiana shoot a second world war pilot in the Pacific area?5 children who remember past lives

In this case, the father of the biggest suspect was a man who commented that he was “the real suspect, but James was so interesting and unusual in our information. If anyone wants to see the case and wants to challenge them, but to test what we have They are welcome.

3.Chanai Choomalaiwong

A Thai boy from Thailand, who was three years old, said that he was a teacher named Boa Kai, who was shot and was driving a motorcycle while attending school. He had requested and the parents of Bua Kai, who had been thinking he was his own father. The villagers knew and finally agreed to take her grandmother out there. According to the research:

His grandmother said that when the bus was closed, Chaney took her to a home where a large couple lived. Chanai wanted to recognize this couple, who was a father of Buna KLankaak, who shot firing on the way to school five years before Chaney’s birth.5 children who remember past lives

The fascinating thing was that Kai and some of Chaii were ordinary. Kai was shot dead from behind, a small, round wound, an intestine wound behind his head, and a wider exit on his forehead; Chaii was born on both ends of his birth, behind his head, a small, round-shaped face and a large, irregular shape in front of the front.

4.Kendra Carter

When he started swimming at the center of the 4th year, he immediately developed a mental attachment to his coach. Shortly after starting his lesson, he was saying that the coach’s child was dead and the coach got sick and pushed his child. The mother of the center was always in her lesson, and when she asked in the center how she knew these things, the answer was, “I was the child of her baby.” A miscarriage was described at the center, and her mother later found that the coach had certainly aborted 9 years before the center’s birth:

When the coach was with the coach, he became happy and gentle and otherwise calm down, and his mother let him spend more time with the coach until he was awake for three nights a week. Finally, the coach stopped outside the head of the center and stopped contacting the family. The center then went into depression and did not speak for 4.5 months. The coach rebuilt more limited communication at that time, and the center gradually started talking again and participating in activities.5 children who remember past lives

5.Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor wrote about a child Tucker research and about. Born 18 months after the death of his grandfather, he began to recollect the first one-year-old life story.When he was 1.5 years old, his father changed his diaphragm and said, “When I was your age, I used to change your diapers.” He started speaking more about his grandfather. Finally, she told the details of her grandfather’s life that his parents thought that he could not come to know in a normal way, as his grandfather’s sister was murdered and that his grandmother used food processors to milk his grandfather’s day every day. At the end of his life,5 children who remember past lives…

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