7 Most Powerful Ancient Symbols that can change your life

7 Most Powerful Ancient Symbols that can change your life

7 Most Powerful Ancient Symbols that can change your life


The identical symbol of the sugarcane cross is considered identical to the cross of Tau, but on the contrary, a loop or circle is attached to the horizontal bar. This is one of the earliest signs with a deep symbolic price. The temple of the highest priests was known as Ankha and the priests were called Akh and the priests were called ankh.

The symbolic meaning of ANKH

Literally, the word “sugarcane” in translation from Egyptian means “life” or “who is alive”.

On an unusual cross of sugarcane, two characteristics are combined: across which is the symbol of life, and a circle that symbolizes eternity. As a result, we get a deep emblem of immortal representation, able to resurrect eternity. Cross the sugarcane.

A circle and cross combination is a symbol of a spiritual and elemental combination, a symbol of initiation, second birth, and a symbol of the vision of the Etheric world.

Some researchers of detective symbolism have identified the symbols of the soul and the objects as “divine eyes”, which illuminates in the light of the human world, the person’s cross

In addition, the cross of sugar represents the union of women and male gods, Osiris and Isis, and thus identifies the alliance of the world and the sky.

2.Hand of Fatima

What does Hand of Fatima?

Hamsa Hand is an Ancient Middle Eastern Craft, as a Hand of God symbol. In all beliefs, it is a protective sign. It brings happiness, luck, health, and good luck to its owner.

Hamas has several spellings, including hem, hamsa, brass, and potteries. This is the hand of Mary, the sister of Aaron and Moses, and Fatima’s hands. Hamsa has two main styles in hand. A style is shaped like a regular hand, and there are two other equivalent thumbs. Two styles are the second most popular. Hamshah’s hand-wielder may face it above or below and it is also known as “owner”, “Evil Eye”, to the success, harmony, and protection of the owner.

Hamas’ hand means different interpretations depending on culture. The word “Hamas”, its name was discovered from five fingers of a hand. In Hebrew, the number five “hem” and the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is “Hey,” one of the holy names of God. “Hemesh” is the representative of five books of Torat. In Judaism, it is interpreted as the symbol of the five senses of the owner in the efforts of Maryam and praising God.

In Arabic, it is “Khmer”. In Sunni culture, Hamas is associated with five pillars of Islam. For Shiites, it symbolizes five people of Clock. In Islamic belief, it is symbolized as the hand of Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad.

The hand of Hamsa is sometimes thought to be protected against evil eye which includes the symbol of an evil eye sometimes. It is often worn as a necklace as a necklace but key chains, home decorations, baby carriages, and other jewelry items are available.

3.Eye of Horus

Representing the gods and goddess as the eye of Horus is not as easy as most others in the ancient world. Compared to the Viking, Norse, Buddhist and Hindu symbols for the main deities and deities, it is not easy to reproduce as more symbols of horses and other complex structures of comparative import of horses.
“Wedjat” or Horus saw from the front of the eye looks like the region of the left eye. The cap in the horizontal that is at the very top of an arch line. Below it, and almost parallel following its shape in fashion, top of the eye.

A top line and its bottom part are closely tied to the volume. Dolls are usually colorful. An almost vertical line at the bottom of the eye-shaped, right (near the center of the eye). Its shape and position imitate a flow of tears and this material of design is often called ‘tear’ only.

The final element of the design is a long, obvious line that meets the eye of ‘tear’ and stretches (left outside) on the left. This line culminates in a spiral.

Though it is fairly easy to understand independently physiological presentations, it is included in the size of the shapes of the shape of the horse’s eyes.

Here, there are six elements; Five senses of human perception and every one for the end of the thought:


When you think of swastika, you probably think of Adolf Hitler, Nazi Party, World War II, and Holocaust torture do not you? It is understood, but true, there is a long history of societies, dates were good before the 20th century; And the history is the opposite of the good wishes, religious symbols, and feelings that represent the sculpture today.

The swastika is actually a diversity in Sanskrit words that translates ‘good fortune’ or ‘wellness’. Some archaeologists believe that how old this symbol is, to the Indus Valley civilization, which resides in India from 2500-1700 BC. Others say that the symbol comes from the Neolithic era, or New Stone Age, which started around 12,000 years ago.

Archaeological emblems in Europe and Asia have been found, which is about 10,000 BK And 2,000 BC .. Historians believe that the curved, or the desired cross may be the symbol of the motion of the sun across the sky. It is found in the first description of the best in Hindu culture…


pentagram has been used as a religious symbol throughout the world since the beginning of the recorded history. The most basic Pentagram is simply a five-point star that encounters an integral line divided into five lines and one point of the star. Today when we call “Pentagram”, generally we mean “five-point star with one or two circles drawn around”. Sometimes a symbol is a special magician Sigil (a symbol of the magic spell). An inverted Pentagram shows the star “on the opposite side”, that is, one point face and two faces. If any form is used, the pentagram is always assigned as five-part symbols.

Pentagram was used in ancient Chinese and Japanese religions as a symbol of five elements of life. The symbol was considered a magician in Japanese culture. Ancient Babylonian Culture is also used in the pentagram to represent different gods and their own religious beliefs.

In the symbolism of Christianity, the primary Pentagram (without circles) was originally used to represent five wounds of Jesus Christ. It was soon supplied by the symbol of the cross, but Pentagram was still recognized as a Christian symbol for centuries after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Some say that the continuous line is also considered as alpha and omega symbols.


Cross is one of the oldest and most widely used Christian symbols. In the broadest sense, it is the symbol of Christianity. More specifically, it represents Christ’s death by crucifixion on a cross and memorial monument.

Throughout Christian history, a huge diversity of crosses has developed, with certain symbolic meaning and with others which are culturally associated only with some groups.

The highest and most common cross is the Latin Cross. It can not be used for the second or third century. The empty cross, which generally favors the Protestants, reminds the Christians of the resurrection when the Catholic and Orthodox churches are reminded of Jesus’ crucifixion crucified Christ’s sacrifice.


The mandala literally means that, like a Sanskrit word, circle, and circle, the circle represents the fullness. A circle also indicates balance, perfection and eternity, because it is the same from all the points in its center, where it is measured. It has become part of some religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Paganism.

Hinduism – Usually an important place of Hindu Dharma prayer center is occupied or it is associated with a focus as a room used for meditation, which is used as a spiritual tool for ancient Hindu religion.
Christianity – Christianity has used the congregations in the form of paintings painted in pink windows of church churches, which represent important events and scenes of their religion in the form of round pieces of art.
Buddhism – especially in meditation and religious ceremonies, Buddhists used to use congregations in particular. Mandalas have been considered as a symbol of the balance of body and mind and the eternal life of human beings.
Moreover, Mandalas or circles seem to occupy a great significance in the universe of human existence because it is the size of spiritual bodies like the sun, the earth, and the moon. In colloquial tattoo designs, the original material may be with a Mandela set in a square or circle, but the overall focus is still on Mandela, which is the most important part of the design.


7 Most Powerful Ancient Symbols that can change your life

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7 Most Powerful Ancient Symbols that can change your life

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