Andrew Basiago Time Traveler’ to Run for President and Reveal the Technology

Andrew Basiago Time Traveler’ to Run for President and Reveal the Technology

Andrew Basiago Time Traveler’ to Run for President and Reveal the Technology

My previous knowledge is that I will never run the president only, but in 2016 and 2028 will be during the election, because I’m not going to be like before – I’m sorting the President or Vice President, “Seattle Lawyer Andrew Basiyago, that explains the time spent, began claiming an independent campaign for the President of the United States and, for the sake of measurement, this information was accompanied by the CIA carrier. If it comes to fun, then it is very difficult.

And Donald Trams is still speculating on the basis of voting information.

Basho’s statement can be scared, but its comparatively consistent global approach is. For many Americans, the birth certificate represents the truthers represent  9/11 truthers represent a refrigerator and worried about outside the worried about the Illuminati Basil Igo is one of the leaders of the public and has even been removed from mainstream beliefs and it can be an argument. He believes in abundance: teleportation, aliens, Sasquatch itself existed that it was told that Nikola Tesla, historians, and so on. Kishore was involved in Obama. Now, Basiago wants to be president, an incompatible idea that was more surprising six months ago.

To be fair, Basiago saw great leadership in action. He once said that once he returned to 1863 and watched the speech of Abraham Lincoln in Gatlinburg. He said that he is especially in the future in 2054, so its historical losses have the impression that Commander-in-Chief should be avoided. Some may argue that his foreign relations experienced foreign relations on Tuesday in 1981. After all, there was the alien.

Basuago states that President Bush, President Clinton, and President Obama both have spoken for decades before serving as president. Their forefathers were notified before. And that is why Bastia went to the public about Project Pegasus a few years ago. He said, “We process the secret process of our secret time-travel process, as we process it,” he explains, every bit of the revision sounds. “Cover-up has gone for too long.”

Basuago hopes to publish information about the US President’s fundamental technology and to make the general public access to them, his presidential campaign will be catalysts. Besides working with the government’s powerful secrecy as well as working as a powerful tool – Basi Iago said, 60 percent of the time travel and teleport parts help to contribute to human transport in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. “Initially, my goal is to propose the use of teleport technology to move forward to project pegasus and use it in the civil sector,” he said.

To that end, as part of mapping the President’s campaign, Basia has decided to focus on three themes: true, reform and innovation. He always wants to become the most honest and transparent President who is ever held in the office; To change the power structure of the executive office, And technical innovation to create a center for its policy.

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