Diwali 2018: Make this Diwali Pooja in the wedding, Lakshmi Ji will stay at your door

Diwali 2018: Make this Diwali Pooja in the wedding, Lakshmi Ji will stay at your door


The festival was celebrated at Diwali Kartik Krishna Pakam Dasha. It is the religious and mythological title, mythological title, the legendary title of Mahalaxmi and Mahakali worship. On this day, there are special laws in business for business and accounting new business and business for new businesses. Jyotirivad P. According to Diwakara Tripti Pughalali, the date of the date of November 6, a dated date is 10 am to 06 min, which will be on the Wednesday 07 November, 018-08, from night tonight at 9 to 19 minutes, this new moon day values of new moon are available only from sunrise.



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Diwali 2018: Make this Diwali Pooja at the wedding, Lakshmi Ji will stay at your door

Also, very good additions are also available for Proshosh period. In this way, the best work of worship of Deepawali during the Pradip era and the best time to lamps in the period of prognostication.
Jyotirivad P. Diwakar Tripathi Pavalwali said that the Prodosh period of day and night is called, where the day is Vishnu form, that soil is a Lakshmi form, both of which are equal proportional periods.

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Jyotirivad P. Diwakar Tripathi Purvanchali says that according to the scriptures, the significance of the decoration of the Diwali festival is complete. In addition to this, on this day the Sun is full of sunrise. From sunrise to 07:24, the addition of windmill and smoke will be added. Wednesday, Deepawali worship and new moon market will be beneficial for the world.

According to Tanshali, astronomer P. Diwakar Tripathi, Dharmasokri Diwali Prodosh Kaal and Mahanishashastra Kalvidiya are determined by the unity, among which the significance of Prodosh era is important for the family and businessmen and it is suitable for the Tantriks of the glorious era. This year, there is a lack of awareness of the time of New Moon in the universe. On the way, the monastic time of worship can be done between 12 and 12 midnight between the stable bride lion in the middle of the night. Thus Nisha Puja Kali Puja will be performed in a stable lion for Tantric worship which is very important, very good and welfare based. Soup will be settled in the morning and in the morning, the poor will be disposed of and Laksmi will be admitted.

Diwali 2018: Make this Diwali Pooja in the wedding, Lakshmi Ji will stay at your door

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