Diwali 2018: Dipali night, all these systems will be defeated, all the problems

Diwali 2018: Dipali night, all these systems will be defeated, all the problems


On one side of Diwali, where Mahalaxmi is worshiped on one side, there is a light for their reception around, on the other hand, it is very suitable for composite meditation and their achievement this night. Let’s do some miracles tonight.

Diwali 2018: Dipali night, all these systems will be defeated, all the problems

For the sake of economic prosperity – In the happy month of the day, cover the entire coconut in red cloth and worship Lord Lakshmi. After worship, install coconut in place of your resources. Through this remedy, Mother Lax-mi will be happy and always keep his favor on you.


For achieving Lakshmi – Deepali locked them in a balanced time, three yellow birds, three cupolas and one bit red cloth and kept the mother with lakes of Lakisha. After worship, keep these things in your hands safely. After that, light on the sun and light before every Friday. With this measurement of full fulfillment you will receive the blessing of Mother Lakshmi and the desires will be fulfilled.Mother Laksmi’s permanent residence – After clearing the entire house on Diwali Day, worship Lakshmi of Mother Lakshmi at a particular time. After Diwali, every new moon continues to worship Lakshmi on the day. This remedy raises the permanent residence and wealth of Lakshmi.


To get rid of debt, you can do another test on the night of Diwali. Under an oval tree, burning the cow’s lamps in the night, from 7 to 7 nights of the daytime. This measure will prove to be very effective in reducing your debt.

For family prosperity – throw black sesame seed for family happiness and prosperity and throw them seven times west of Diwali night than family members. By doing this, the negative effects of home neglect and the prosperity continues.

The way to discourage- Every Saturday on Palisade night, stirring the mustard oil lamp under a papal tree. This conflict goes away and has peace and peace in the house.

Fear to liberate the enemy – To protect yourself from the enemy on the night of Diwali, mix a cell phone, sesame seeds and sesame seeds with a few whole oils or sugar, meditate on the enemy, press it on a lonely place. This will eliminate the fear of enemies and prevent it from happening.

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