Snake Island – The Deadliest Island in the World

Snake Island – The Deadliest Island in the World

Snake Island – The Deadliest Island in the World


From the ocean on the coast of Sao Paulo, 90 miles away on the coast of Brazil, the Queimada Grand looks like a beautiful and common island. A part of Heaven in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. But this is just an illusion. Despite its natural beauty, this island is not a place for a leisure or event. In fact, it is one of the most dangerous places on earth.

In the face of threat, the vast population of snakes makes people impossible to live together on the same island. Due to the danger, the Brazilian government strictly controls visitors on the Queimada Grand Island. In fact, this island is so dangerous that even the Brazilian navy has been banned even for landing there.

How dangerous is it?

Let’s talk about the population of the snake population. Researchers estimate that the island lives in one to five snakes per square meter, which is the densest anywhere in the world with poisonous snakes. And before thinking about the possibility of thorns, you need to know that harmful effects of lens heads include lungs, local pain, vomiting and flip, blood blisters, lungs, vomiting and urine blood, intestinal bleeding, kidney failure, brain hemorrhage and muscle tuition Severe necrosis, yikes..

How did it happen

The 55-year-old island was initially linked to Mainland. But after the break (10 to 12,000 years ago) became a continental island off the continent.

With no complaints, no snake issue. But with lack of food, basically, those seeds living in this area will have to learn how to move birds to learn and learn.

In the 1900s, those who went there said they were common to see snakes everywhere. Nowadays, as previously seen, it is not very easy to see, some bio-piracy. It is speculated that the snake population has reduced by almost 2,000, which is still an impressive number for a small island (43 hectares).

Due to the total population of Golden Lancehead, the snake was critically endangered at IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. It was also in the list of endangered animals in Brazil.

Unless you feel lucky, daring and do not think more than two thousand people hiding in where you are walking, you can try to go there. Be aware that although the island is not open for tourism, the Brazilian government provides restrictions on research and other related citizen activities. But if I were you, I would definitely listen to the advice of Mother Nature and stay away from that island



Snake Island – The Deadliest Island in the World

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Snake Island – The Deadliest Island in the World

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