The ghost and the darkness: A night in the life of Begunkodar railway

The ghost and the darkness: A night in the life of Begunkodar railway

The ghost and the darkness: A night in the life of Begunkodar railway

There is a station of Ranchi railway board, Begunkodar. It is actually a halt between Jhalda and Kotshila railway station. Those traveling on the Ranchi-Bokaro railroad know that this station in Purulia district was built in 2009. Then there was more silence than today. The station has a bit of space nearby now.

At the same time, there are four villages Vamana, Nalakupi, Kanudih, and Durgu. But Begunkodar came to know that this station is quite old. It would be heartening to know that the story of a ghost stopped it for 42 years. When Mamata Banerjee was the railway minister in 2009, she asked to open the station again saying that … I am Bhutta Faith Corina (I do not believe in ghosts).

In fact, in 1967, the railway stopped this station as a ghost, which remained closed for nearly 42 years (the year 2009). According to the old people, the station master at that time saw a woman wearing white sari roaming on the rails at night. On the second day, he died. After this, there was a talk of the railway workers in the mind that there is a ghost on the station.

This land was received by the Railways in the donation. Queen of Begunkodar Lachan Kumari donated her land to the railway. The air was blown away that the ghost is actually the looking virgin.

The fear of this ghost was such that some railway workers did not want to stay at this station, so it stopped by the railway. Now this station has been reopened. Now with the locals, the railway workers also tell the story of ghosts as rubbish. They say that they have never seen any ghost here. The ghost and the darkness: A night in the life of Begunkodar railway…

Vasudev Mahato, who was feeding cow at the station on Sunday, told that the ghost thing is false. Civil police stationed at the station (the Government of West Bengal) has deployed them at railway stations besides GRP.

Durga Charan Nayak, a young man and his friend Bhola Nath Mahto, said that the civil police working on the contract get Rs.5,500 / – per month.) He or any other person has not seen the ghost till now on the station. Kamelot Mahato and his brother Kamal Ratan Mahato were present at the station. Dhulu is the contract-based railway worker of Begunkodar alone. When he does not live, he loses the job of selling tickets in the station. When they sell a ticket, they get Rs. Earlier this commission was a rupee. When asked, Kamal told that there are no ghosts.

Local people may tell this story of ghosts as nonsense, but the promotion of the name of this station on the Internet is such that every month many curious people come here to find out who they were? Or who is he? Durga Phayah and his friend told that people from Kolkata and other cities here often see the ghosts.


At this station several times the inquisitive people can be seen alone or with private security personnel. Just a year old story is interesting. Durga Charan said a gentleman came here with some tools. There was a light burning in them. He said that if there was a ghost, the light would be stopped. That light stopped at midnight. After this, the condition of that gentleman was worth seeing. He escaped from there with his own equipment. The ghost and the darkness: A night in the life of Begunkodar railway…

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