The True Story Of Bloody Mary

The True Story Of Bloody Mary


The True Story Of Bloody Mary

Although the locals can be made, the woman behind the mirror and the story of the bloody Mary was as real, and it had a royal image.

The well-known legendary princess, now known as Bloody Mary, was living as the first queen of England, living as a regent Queen Mary I. Born on 15 February 1816 in Greenwich, England, in the Palace of Placentia..King Henry VIII and the only child of Catherine of Agro, Mary, began to shame the life of her own wife at the age of 17 when her father was frustrated due to her hereditary lack of throne and married her mother. This young Mary is completely separated from her mother and sometimes banned from her inspection.

The King went to marry Ann Boleyn, in honor of his ex-wife’s daughter, who frustrated him with another girl Elizabeth. Worried that Mary could interfere with Elizabeth’s heirs, Illegally accused the Milanese Parliament to declare Mary and be successful.Of course, Bulin was later beheaded for the capital against her husband, but this time the name Mary was damaged, and she stood to the throne to sit on the throne.The True Story Of Bloody Mary

From her two years, Mary was suffering from severe menstrual pain and irregularities in her cycle, which would later be considered as the cause of her physical and emotional stress in life.

He was known deep and frequently as a result of depression, depression, which was accompanied by him in his relatively short life. In spite of all the vulnerabilities and sufferings against her, Mary finally took the throne in 1553 in 3753 and immediately got married to the Philippine pharaoh in hopes of holding an heir. Hunger for love and seeking his father’s approval forever, Mary will repeat this casual pattern with her new husband, whom she is “ready for the feeling of all her despair”.

As excited to reward his younger and emotional feelings of ten-year-olds, Philip met the expected conversation of a royal wedding, and after two months Miriam’s greatest wish came true: he was a child.


Even after displaying the usual symptoms of pregnancy, including the nipple and a growing stomach, the public was suspected of the recent good fortune, and it did not take long to spread the rumors of false pregnancies. Without examining the pregnancy and at any time the doctors cannot sit and test the son of the prince, only time will tell whether these rumors are involved with the truth. Until then, the people of England and Spain warned Mary’s tab.The True Story Of Bloody Mary

And so they wait. Traditionally, Mary went to a private chamber where she was detained six weeks before the expected date of May 9. Even after reaching the big day, the child did not do it, and he and the staff around him suggested that perhaps a wrong idea of the delivery dates was to blame, one month later, the new one was living permanently in June.

False accusations spread almost all over the country, but some people demanded to raise their queen on the boy and others said that she died on her birthday, or her rash intermediate was remarkable on tumors than in pregnancy.

Despite the growing world of Gossip around it, one thing can be confirmed: at the end of May, Mary’s belly started shrinking. Unable to explain or understand what is happening in his body, he waited for him slowly around the lost hope. Came in June and July and went as far as to expand her date of a doctor. In August, Mary has not been confined to her chamber, stupid and alone as ever.


During Mary’s pregnancy, the people of England were divided among Protestants and Catholics. Mariam was determined to unite the people of his country under the “true religion”, in the year 1554, shortly before Christmas, the program was signed by signing a law, which resulted in Marian abuse, about 240 men and 60 women were accused of being Protestant and broke pieces, Her name “Bloody Mary” earns forever.The True Story Of Bloody Mary

On this day, the story of England’s Queen Bloody Mary, the supposed pseudoscience, or “the most infamous case of phantom pregnancy”.A rare and mysterious situation, masculinity, to set it simply, when a person is firmly determined to be pregnant, it really believes in his body “believe” that it is the appearance of physical symptoms and even the end of the menstrual cycle.

Another possibility in Mary’s case is endometrium hyperplasia, which can often be the predecessor of pregnancy cancer, which may be supported by a living history of Mary’s appetite and monthly irregularity.


A few years later, Mary again declared herself pregnant, even though her husband was also uncertain during this time. Confirmed by sure signs of pregnancy, later he was sure to enter the menopause, and was not given a child again. Later he died at 42 years of age, probably pregnancy or ovarian cancer. His name will be heard even today, by the children of dark bathrooms overwhelmed by the children across the world, everyone is waiting for the horrific glimpse of ghosts, there is no understanding about the true story of Bloody Mary.The True Story Of Bloody Mary

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