Time Travel or a Mystery ? Lost Plane Found After 37 years


The talk is in 1992 when a charter plane D.Coopport lands with 57 passengers on the Caracas Venezuela Airport, but the most surprising thing is that in which ship 30 years ago the New York was flying to Miami and somewhere on the way. It was a surprise, but friends are surprised that shortly after landing in Venezuela, this ship flies again and goes to the bathroom again. It disappears, you will feel that this is just a story but friends are also evidence of this incident in which communication between the pilot and the control tower recorded in radio communication is present. The deputy minister of civilization again says on the matter that their control Apart from the service worker who had seen this incident with his own eyes, there is another important evidence of this incident and it is by the pilot of that vessel Before the disappearance of a gender, another officer who was left on the runway was seen by the District Court with his eyes and he had heard the voice of the pilot and he had also been present by the pilot of the plane he had told

According to the staff present, he was feeling very strange and supernatural that he seemed very old, and on the basis of that he was not even seen the plane, even after seeing this, people are very surprised When he asked his ship with the ship’s pilot, I asked him where he was, when asked, the pilot asked him where he was the first of fear and trouble in his voice, the pilot replied that the charter plane is 914, in which 57 passengers including students and this flight is going from New York to Miami..


He asked, “Are you missing?” He decided that he stayed at 1800 kilometers from the place, where he was a landlord. He said this is Caracas in Venezuela, South America. But still, without any permission, he addressed land pilot at his airport!

This was all when these disasters and problems occurred. Regulatory colleagues have heard screaming pilot about each other about the separation of the environment. Then the pilot asked them, where are we? What happened, they replied, “The plane was supposed to reach 9.5 in the territory of Miami and then talked to them about this Caracas, Venezuela and on May 21, 22.

And this is the only thing that can be a pilot, “O my God, my God!” De LaCorte tried his best to frustrate the pilot and said he was helping more shelter and field staff. All passengers checked the document, they learned that they were the same person who got on the train in 1955. However, there was a wonderful part, they really did not really age this past 37 years, and this left everyone amused by the room…

And when the field staff was in their reach, the pilot indicated that they would come back and would have to refrain from coming to them? She said, “We are going back!” The grenade staff was afraid of the passengers buried in the window. And this fog and quickly, the pilot dropped a small runway calendar in 1955. And do not return back to the plane back.

In the form of voice recording between Pilot and De La Corte and the only proof of the 1955 runway calendar, it was presented to the respective board authority.
It is our surprise and assumptions of TIME-ELAPSE or TIME travel theory. Some believe that this story is curious and events have been highlighted that some people think that this is a time travel. In some cases this is a land free radical issue, thus 37-year-old people live like this, how do they survive and how to do it?

Although the secret is still unknown, it is a situation where we can say correctly, “wait for some time and tide”!

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