Top 10 haunted place in world

10 of the best haunted sites around the world

1.Eastern State Penitentiary — United States

This former Philadelphia prison was the first to enforce a solitary prisoner, and due to strict consolidation, many prisoners were insane. The single prison, known as the “Pennsylvania system”, is no longer applicable, but some prisoners say that they are geologic. Dark figures of cell 6, bad words on the cell 12, distant words, sales door slamming and other unauthorized incidents were found guilty. The Eastern State Penitentiary is not used as a prison, but guests can take peculiarly compound tours.

2.La Isla de las Muñecas, Mexico

Travel through a train named Xochimilco on the outskirts of Mexico City, and then please be pleased with your Barco (barge) jute to go to the island. An irritating array of corrosive puppets in this man-made Chinapa (ancient agricultural island), apparently a person’s work, who is a legend, lost his mind when he washed his island. Or something like this is an art installation type. Because it looks weird, rumor has spread that it is populated by ghosts, it creates an impossible tourist attraction.Top 10 haunted place in world

3.Aokigahara Forest, Japan

To face to face, these dark and unstoppable places have become a topic of interest to Japanese geologists and ghost hunters. Around 3,500 hectares of jungle forest located on the chest of Fuji, Japan is one of the most popular places of suicide in Japan. It is not advised to deviate from the official way because magnetic anomalies that occur naturally involve both the legend and the possibility of loss. Some people say this story has come back to the Seicho Matsumoto 1960 novel Black Saga of Trees, but the obscurity about this unusual place is predicted by ancestors.

4.Glamis Castle, Scotland

One of Scotland’s most seductive folkloric haunts, the castle of Durga has more historical cast than a crocodile – almost everyone is associated with their betrayal, witchcraft, and cruelty. Glamor’s at least 20 missions, standing in the Highland region, far away from the Lion family (later Boise-Lyon) by Robert the Bruce, and one of the young Queen Mother (which was her childhood), a witch of chapel, An impressive woman screaming in the park, played a dais with a devil in a sealed room, chain mail The spectators, impressive crabs on the roof, and some other Halloween-like stories.

5.Akershus Fortress — Norway

Akershus Fortress was installed as a prison in Oslo on 18 October and 19th century, where most of the prisoners died during their stay. Nazi-occupied the fort and subsequently used it to execute several executions during World War II. Due to the history of the castle, it guards a number of ghosts in Norway and a monster dog named Malcanisen. Legend says that anyone contacted by Malkin will die in the next three months.Top 10 haunted place in world

6.Citadel Hill (Fort George) — Canada

The scariest place in Canada, the City of Cottadill Hill in Fort George has lived for hundreds of thousands of ghosts for almost 300 years. Several operations, it has been said to walk on the ground, a soldier in uniform, a man in a red cloth and an old lady, who showed himself in Seattle’s mirrors. Voices, docks, bangs and even a little girl grabbing the viewers are often experienced on the ghost tours.

7.Borgvattnet, Sweden

As a secular form of anti-religion, Ghost-Hunting is removing Scandinavia, some commentators say. Want to have a spectral vicarage in Jämtland, with the possibility of awakening to find you sleeping in three cobwebby fantasy women? Generation Generation has enjoyed the views of polarzist activity and decorations in this lovely small wooden manas – all of them too, Bergmansk. It is a restaurant and if you want you can rent the whole room. But soon, it’s closed for a few days in the winter. The website is Swedish.Top 10 haunted place in world

8.Hinton Ampner, Hampshire, UK

This hunting is one of the English ghost stories, considered by Henry James 1898 novel, The Turn Off of the Screw, which is considered by British British academic and broadcaster Sir Christopher Frieding. In 1754 locally owned landlord Lord Stowell, known locally as “evil lever”, had fun since the death. This story was well-known in the organization of the Anglican Church and it was the Archbishop of Canterbury. James “True” version. Old Elizabeth’s house (now destroyed), a mother attacking the demonic spectral servants and her children’s nursery offspring to stop the teeth and nail war. It is now a national trust property.

9.Wicklow Gaol — Ireland

You can say that Wickle Gaol first haunted sight. This former prison has long been known as “the gate of hell” in Ireland. The prisoners who died in Wicklow Gaulle on torture, hunger and punishment still roam the ground. Visitors’ views of the touch and drag drive are general, and a young schoolgirl is asked to wear clothes for schoolmates.Top 10 haunted place in world

10.Banff Springs Hotel — Canada

Banff Springs Hotel presents itself as a luxurious stopover in the heart of Banf National Park, but the hospitality of the 125-year guest hospitality has happened among some malicious residents. A woman who fell down in the stairs was asked to dance in a ballroom, and a family was shown outside of 873 rooms where they were killed. Perhaps the first splash is the former Belman Sam McLowy who can help you in your home and open the door, Top 10 haunted place in world


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