Top 10 Species of Indian Non- Poisonous Snakes

Top 10 Species of Indian Non- Poisonous Snakes

Top 10 Species of Indian Non- Poisonous Snakes

1. Indian Rat Snake or Dhaman Snake

The Indian rat snake is called “Oriental rat snake” which relates to the species of the cool bride snake. This snake can grow in almost any environment, although they prefer in urban areas, where their most favorite hunting “rats” are easily available. Local people call them Dhaman snakes.

Dhaman snake is one of the longest and fastest snakes in India.

Size details

Newborn – 32-47 cm
Average length – 210 cm (7 feet)
Maximum length – 350 cm (11 feet and 6 inches)


2.Indian Rock Python

Widely known as ‘Ajgar’, Indian rock can be found in Python grasslands, buildings, and rocky areas. Their natural habitat from East Bengal to the Sundarbans mangrove forests. They are excellent swimming and water is their second home.

Indian python is also known to crush their predators, including hot bloody mammals, birds, and reptiles.Top 10 Species of Indian Non- Poisonous Snakes

Size Description:

Newborn- 40-45 cm
Average length – 210-360cm (7ft-12).
Maximum length – 750 cm (25 feet).


3.Common Sand Boa

In relation to the Boa species, Red Boa is called ‘Do-Muah’ Snake in Hindi due to its tail’s tail resemblance. They are found in most agricultural land, garden, rat hole, brick place, and rock pills. Among them are rodents, small mammals, birds, and geckos.

Size Description:

Newborn – 12.5 cm
Average length – 50 cm


4.Banded Kukri Snake

Colubrid is among the largest snake family and band crook. This snake originally resides in the Himalayan region of India, but they are also seen in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

Varieties of insects, larvae, reptile eggs and rodentes are its normal food.

Size Description:

Newborn – 8 cm
Average length – 50 cm
Maximum length – 70 cm


5.Common Trinket Snake


Most are found in Vishakhapatnam if the threat is threatening to them, the common Trinket trouble is very aggressive. They feed on rodents, camouflage, and small mammals on a regular basis. Medium size, this snake can be found in the higher altitude of Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Size Description:

Newborn – 25 cm
Average length – 70 cm
Max length – 150cm.


6.Common Bronzeback Tree Snake

Available at 2000 meters altitude, Common Bronzeback Tree snakes are traded instead of natural substitutes. It is difficult to catch the bronze snake at both speeds and at the speed of the tree. They are usually found in southern India and Himalayan birds and they mainly feed shrimp and frogs. Top 10 Species of Indian Non- Poisonous Snakes

Size Description:

New born – 15 cm
Average length – 100 cm
Maximum Length – 169cm


7.Dog-faced Water Snake

Another Colubrid species, living in the mouth of a dog, are mangrove forests, sea coastal trawl, salt pan, abandoned dates, and coast. At its speed, they exhibit both mud and water-prone activities. Fish, eagles, calves, and frogs have their usual diet.

Size Description:

Newborn – 15-25 cm
Average length – 60 cm
Maximum length – 100cm.


8.Black Headed Royal Snake

Black-headed Royal Snake is found in most deserts and semi-desert, especially in the non-Himalayan part of Kutch to Jammu. Having a great species, they are victims of their prey in the dark. If they are threatened, they are like putting pressure on them, otherwise, they are calm and composed of their normal nature. Top 10 Species of Indian Non- Poisonous Snakes

They feed farmers, birds, fungus and small mammals

Size Description:

Newborn- 25-47 cm
Average length – 150 cm (5ft).
Maximum Length – 200m


9. Banded Racer


Banded racer is a small snake that contains bush, tall grass, and foliage. Another colubrid species, this snake is smaller in size than other non-toxic snakes. They can easily reach good heights in search of shelter and hunting.

Feed the band racer on rugs, rodents, frogs, and birds of the girls.

Size Description:

Newborn – 90 cm
The average length is -134 cm.


10.Common Cat Snake

common Cat snakes can easily be found in their triangular head which can be detected due to their wide range of necks. Being a night species, they show activity in the morning from the first night. They are known as Indian gamma serpents.

These colubrid snakes are found near most high mountains, some areas in Himalayas and Maharashtra. In addition, it is an incredible garden, rocky hills and scrubs are easy to spot them.

Cat snakes feed on most snakes, frogs, rodents as well as on other snakes.

Size Description:

Average length – 70 cm
Maximum length – 125cm.


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Top 10 Species of Indian Non- Poisonous Snakes

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