Top 5 Humans With Real-Life Mutant Super Powers

Top 5 Humans With Real-Life Mutant Super Powers

Top 5 Humans With Real-Life Mutant Super Powers

1.Super Strength!

When most people think of genetic disorders, they usually represent the results of physical weaknesses. However, according to the Shamalaniya logic, there should be genetic disorder from the other side of the bell curve, which is caused by supernatural power. And it seems that this happened with Michigan boy Liam Hoekstra.

Liam has a rare genetic condition that its body does not produce protein myostatin, which inhibits muscle growth. People or animals with this lack tend to have much larger muscles with little body fat; An underlying superpower!

Although Liam does not seem to be proud of any fantasy car-tossing force, he is naturally stronger than his colleagues without any training. The only negative reason for his condition is that he must eat more than his companions to “keep up” with his body.

2.Hyper Photographic Memory!

Till the end of the 1970s, there might be difficult to remember the exact description of the TV City Taxi taxi, but the actress Marilyn Hannan is not sure. And it was not only his most notable role, but a condition known as hyperthymesia, or the ability to memorize every small, stupid development of his life for decades. Every detail.

Marilu is the only case in the 25 confirmed cases of hyperthymesia, which lets him identify the shortest story of his life almost any day. He told ABC that through his memory the rifling “Small videos running at the same time …” when someone gives me a date, a year or something, I can see this small movie Montage, basically a series, and I scroll through it. Flashing them and them through. ”

Some scientists have hyperthymesia theorize is the result of continuous review (and therefore renewed) requirements of a growing-compulsive requirement, it is also a physiological link, among which the recent lobes of the brain and caudate nucleus can be found to increase the patient.

3.Unbelievably Sexy Hollywood Eyelashes!

Elizabeth Taylor: Actress, Icon, Mutant. Taylor is “boring”, from a rare condition known as DTichia, in which the eyelid eyelashes arise from the abnormal spot. In Taylor’s case, he actually boasted twice the eyeball, which helped to draw attention only to his famous “violet” eyes.

Distichia can be a medical problem in some people, by which being constantly brushed against eyelashes. However, in the case of Taylor, it led only fame and fate

4.A Six-Finger Sinker

Former MLB relief pot ¬†Antonio Alfonseca¬†was known for his killer’s coordinator. Although this pitch must have been the result of years of practice and fulfillment, it was difficult to conclude that it was not at least partly due to at least six fingers on it.

Alfonseca is born with a rare genetic condition known as polydactyly, which results in extra fingers or toes. In fact, he was known as “El Pulpo” (or “octopus”) – extra cycle on each hand and leg. Though it is controversial, though it is controversial, it has been difficult to imagine that it has no effect on the extra fingers (which is more like Nobun than its handful number).


5. Leave No Fingerprints

Dubbed “immigration delay disease”,adermatoglyphia is a genetic condition which leaves “poor” without fingerprints. A Swiss woman featured a feature that could not enter the United States due to her condition (fingerprint must be given to all non-residents laws).

Along with the disappointment of dealing with various local bureaucracy (and new fingerprint technologies), this rare condition must be considered as a superpower for criminals.



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