Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Pakistan

Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Pakistan

Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Pakistan

1.Koh-i-Chiltan Peak

Koh-i-Chilton is 3,194 meters high mountains, located between the Chilton Mountains of the Solomon Islands, this is the expanse of Hindu Kush.

Not so horrible sound, is not it?

Until you realize that the name of the name is “forty body” in Baluchi.

I know what you think

It still does not sound scary.

Here comes the Koh-i-Chilton legend. According to the story, a young couple was not a child, so they asked for a priest, who cast 40 wrists in the neck of the woman while praying.

After the surprise, the woman gave birth to 40 children. Dad was afraid that he would never be able to take care of 40 children, so he brought them to the peak 39 and kept them there, hoping that their god would see them in their welfare.

Later, when the woman went there to bury her children’s bodies, she used to play on the hillside. Ecstatic, he encouraged the others and brought them to the Mountain 40th baby to bring them all together.

Unfortunately, 39 children stolen 40th and they did not meet again


2.Lake Saif-ul-Maluk

Saif-ul-Maluk’s Lewand is not a horror story in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

I will give you a break from this horrible story.

Rather, the story behind Saif-ul-Muluk Lake is a love story that came from a fairy tale in the composition of Sufi poet Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, which reads:

A long time ago, Saif-ul-Maluk, an Egyptian princess, freeze Rani, loves Badar-ul-Jamal …

… in the dream

The prince awakens with a hole in his heart She fell in love and had decided in her dream to travel the world in search of strange beauty.

His father was against him, but nothing could stop the prince. For several years, he searched Badar-ul-Jamal without any success, he could go to a city where he met an old holy man.

“Prince Saif!” The old man shouted the first person could recognize him after leaving his house.

The old man does not have to say much to the prince. It already knew enough about it. He gave Rajkumar a witch hat that he sent to Pakistan in the lake, which now carries his name, Saif-ul-Muluk Lake, finally integrates with his true love.

The legends of the legends preserve their beauty while in the lake, through the love of the past.Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Pakistan


The Choukandi cemetery of the National Highway of Pakistan is located in the oldest graveyard of Pakistan, about 600 years old. It is also considered as a supernatural cemetery, no one tries to go there after sunset because they may face some unusual/unusual activity. According to the people living nearby, they have heard the listener and the man is witness to the curse. Overall, the Chokandi Graveyard has its own ancient beauty that attracts the audience, but no one gets the courage to see it after sunset. Do not forget the great factor in black magic, usually, this kid is done with a goat’s head.

4.Hawk’s Bay Haunted House

Hawk’s Bay terrible property in Karachi is one of the most popular violent places in the “City of Lights”. It has numerous websites dedicated to the Hunted House and Facebook pages that are actually the violent hat.

“What’s so terrible about a room?”

You can ask.

The problem, nobody knows. We know that it does not make anyone renting it out in one night out of it.

They say that on the full moon night, the occult marriage happens …

Believe it or not.

Do not just rent the spectacular place.Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Pakistan


The queen once lived there. The fort is unfortunate because nobody wants to help in rebuilding it because they believe that it is frightened by the spirits of those queens.Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Pakistan



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