1.Mass Bird Suicide – Jatinga, Assam

One of the wondrous stories in India that seems to be true, and is on the northeast of India every year between September and November. Well, this is mostly true, many scientists have tried to explain and measure it, but they still can not go below it. It makes it one of India’s top summed mysteries. There is no amount of effort to make it rigid from how disgusting it is when a severe incident takes place. You can do what you can in one of these places in India and see it for yourself.

At the beginning of the sun and hundreds of birds began to fall from the sky. This is an extraordinary event that they have now built a festival around the event. Many local people believe that it is because of the evil spirits and they want to share their own stories about it. The atmosphere is really intense and hard to be freaked out by it. Go on winning … I dare you.

2.The Whispers of the dead on Dumas beach – Gujarat

This will make your hair stand up on the neck! We tend to associate the beach with the sun suspended. Not a beach in Gujarat! Many people hear the same violent experience of walking on the beach and listening to the crying, but they go around, there is no one there. More about this, there are people missing on this beach reports. Whatever you believe, this unexplained mystery may be really dangerous. So, if you want to see it for yourself, please plan it carefully.

3.The abandoned village of Kuldhara – Rajasthan

Excluded cities and villages will be one of the weirdest things in India. What you find often makes the mysterious places in India so attractive and truly playful that so much has been said about history. It all overlaps a point where you can not quite get the bottom to happen. There are actually many ruins in this region. This is often well-researched with a motorcycle and camping gear. However, after hearing about all the unusual activities surrounding Kuldhara you will be frequently made to sleep. Legendary Brahmins suddenly go to the night, sometimes they can not be seen. They said they left the curse here. Since that time, since anyone who tried to live in that area had been smuggled by evil spirits. See this post to know more about Bhutan in India …

4.Jamali-Kamali Masjid – Delhi

One thing to photograph the temple in India is, another thing to know about the story behind them. At a glance, many people do not know that Jamali-Kamali is actually a mosque and a tomb. It’s important to connect with the one you explore. It is easy to find some mysterious places in India. Jamal-Kamali is easily available for visiting inspectors of Delhi; It is mostly open and free to watch. You are hanging on your senses as easy as walking in a dreadful atmosphere. There are many reports of unexplained sounds and movements and general fact-factor such as the 16th-century mosque and the graveyards of the tomb. To explore more kick-ass places, see this great guide from Delhi.

5.Hauntings and bizarre behaviour – Alwar

Uncommon things in India have become almost idealistic to be associated with culture. Wicked, I know. There are many fortifications around and around Alwar, which have been reported as fraud, many Indians claim to be the scariest of Vanguard fort in India.

Alwar’s small town fascinated me. I want to say that there is no doubt among the strange places of India. First, it seems to be a totally average little town, I thought it might be the first place to visit, oh how wrong I was!

When you are thinking about India’s travel places, try to find at least a few, they often find a way to become something of the most memorable places. Some mysterious places in India can not just be kept in words, but you can begin to get an idea by reading our malicious time in Alwar.


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