Top 5 Mysterious youtube Channels

Top 5 Mysterious youtube Channels


Top 5 Mysterious youtube Channels

1.Webdriver torso

Webdriver torso Youtube Channel Image Source- Google When you open this channel, the YouTube channel will automatically switch to blue and white and this is not the only thing that has made this channel popular. Each and then, new content is constantly uploaded and each video lasts about 15-20 seconds. These videos are a mix of red and blue blocks that can be heard in the words of anomalous beep Nobody knows what this is and why this page exists on YouTube.Top 5 Mysterious youtube Channels

2.Ms. Porcelain doll

Ms. Porseline Doll Channel Image Source- Google Do You Believe in Spooky Dolls? Then this channel is for you. This channel doll is crowded with vague video. This is certainly not for the weak heart. It has given you a nightmare for more than a month,Top 5 Mysterious youtube Channels


3.Robert Helpmann

Robert Helpmann Channel Image Source – Google does not have anything to do with ‘Helpman’ or Handman on this channel. It’s rather a very dangerous channel that mus, of course,e make you puke. This channel contains a body that has a pill of videos. You will see him continually deporting the corpse (quite ruthlessly to be honest). You’ll find him feeding some edibles ofa dead body. She seems to have some serious relationships with it.5 mysterious youtube channels

4.Hi Walter! It’s me, Patrick!

Hi Walter! It’s me, Patrick! Image source: Google – This is a YouTube channel which has only one video. Just one The name is “Hi Walter! I got a new GF today!” And in this video, a person named Patrick said that he got a new girlfriend. Nothing seems weird right? You just wait and see. This video takes a strange and unexpected turn. Click here to find out. Also, this channel has been used for the last 6 years

5.NASA JIM 108

NASA Jim 108 (Image Source-Google) NASA Jim 108 is considered to be a channel which is made by former NASA activist. He claimed to work for NASA from 1989 until 2004. You will focus on NASA and aliens relationships with the videos available on this channel. Is this enough for you? Well, this page has more offers. When you visit the column about this page.10 mysterious youtube channels

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