Top 7 Endangered animal in india


Top 7 Endangered animal in India


Top 7 Endangered animal in india

1.Indian Rhinoceros

Although the overall population of this species is increasing, it is still a risky animal, threatened by hunting for its horns. With 70% of the population of Assam’s Kaziranga National Park, the animal is also known as multiple horned marijuana. Orang, Pobitara, Jaldapara, and Dudhwa are also found.Top 7 Endangered animal in india

2.Asian Elephant

The elephant has been named as the national heritage of India. Once expanded in the country, species are now limited to four common areas: North-East India, Central India, North-Western India, and South India. In northeast India, the elephant range extends from the eastern border of Nepal to West Bengal in western Assam through the Himalayan mountains to the hills of Mishmi. From here it covers the eastern Arunachal Pradesh, the upper Assam plains and the underground of Nagaland. Further west, it is spread over Garo hills in Mehla, through the Khasi Hills, spread over the Lower Brahmaputra Plain and Karbi Plateau. Tripura is on the south, Mizoram, Manipur and Assam’s Barak valley have separate cattle. Uttar Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh in Uttar Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, there are 6 divisions in the Himalayas, located in the Jamuna River in the west from theKaterniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary in the eastern Bahraich forest division. In southern India, elephants in the Western Ghats and in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and relatively recently in Andhra Pradesh’s the Eastern Ghats. There is eight major population in southern India, each fragmented from the others: northern Karnataka; the Crestline of Karnataka–Western Ghats; Bhadra–Malnad; Brahmagiri–Nilgiris– the Eastern Ghats; Nilambur–Silent Valley–Coimbatore; Anamalais–Parambikulam; Periyar–Srivilliputhur; and Agasthyamalais.

3.Asiatic Lion

The only place in the world where you can see an Asiatic lion, it is the Sasan Gir National Park and Sanctuary in Gujarat. The semi-pond forest creates a very comfortable habitat for the lion and the population is increasingly increasing with about 400 lions. A lot less pronounced than their cousins, the appearance of the African lion, the Asiatic lions are less comfortable and the king of his jungle residence is just enough to create a lasting impression for life.Top 7 Endangered animal in india

4.Snow Leopard

It is one of the most secret cats and many people in the world had the privilege of seeing them in the wild jungle in India. The wildcat revolves around the mountains of high mountains and it is estimated that there are 200-600 snow leopards found in the Hemis National Park in Ladakh, Nanda Devi National Park and the Valley of Flowers National Park in India. Natural World Heritage Site of UNESCO in Uttarakhand, and Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary near Anini.

5.Lion Tailed Macaque


The total number of adults is less than 2,500, as listed in the next 25 years due to lesser degradation of more than 20% of the population and decreased due to continuing losses of prey. These species are located in western Ghat mountains in northwestern India, from the Kalkan Hill hills in the north to Karnataka, Kerala and the adjoining area of the state of Tamil Nadu. According to a larger study using forest philosophy estimates, Kerala forests organized 1,216 adult lion-tail maxes. In Tamil Nadu, Anaimeel Hill supports about 500 people, although there are only two sub-populations. Also found in the Siri-Hanva Rainforest of North West Ghat in Karnataka…

6.Kashmir Red Stag

Last but not least, Hangal has already added the touch of extraordinary beauty to the wonderful valley of Kashmir. It is the state animal of Jammu and Kashmir. It is found in the National Park of Himachal Pradesh at the height of 3,035 meters and in northern Chamba. Due to the destruction of habitats, this red deer population has thanked 300 people for flooding in the last few years.Top 7 Endangered animal in india

7.The Nilgiri Tahr

Locally known as Nilgiri Ibex or simply Ibex, it is locally located in Nilgiri Hills and southern part of West Ghat in Tamil Nadu and Kerala state. This is the state animal of Tamil Nadu. These forests live in grassy forests of the Montane Rain Forest in the southwestern gorge. Their range extends from 400 to 400 kilometers north to south, and the largest population of Eravikulam National Park There are other notable solidarities in the Nilgiri Hills, among which are small populations of Annamai Hills, National Park of Periyar, Palei Hills and other pockets of Western Ghats south of Irakkulam are almost on the southern coast of India.



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Top 7 Endangered animal in india

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