Top 7 Most Dangerous Train Tracks in the World

Top 7 Most Dangerous Train Tracks in the World

1.Maeklong Railway Market, Thailand

This charming old world railway market is situated a few kilometers away from Bangkok, and it takes 90 minutes to go south-west market through a mini-van. The main highlight of this market is that the market in the middle of a live train. A warning alarm sounds before the train, allowing stall vendors to scurry to pull back their umbrella shelter before the train. Everything is designed very well that the train touches the goods and merchandise installed by the stall vendors.

2.Burma Railway, Thailand

The Burma Railway, also known as the Death Railway, Burma-Siam Railway, Thailand-Burma Railway, and the similar name, was 415 kilometers (258 miles) by Forest Pong, Thailand and Thanbijayat, Burma built 415 kilometers (258 miles). Japan’s Empire to support its forces in the Burma campaign of World War II in 1943. This railway has completed the rail link between Bangkok, Thailand and Rangu, Burma (now Yangon).

3.Gelmerbahm Funicular, Switzerland

Real roller expensive experience! The Gelmerbahn is a funicular railway in Berne Canton, Switzerland. It connects a low terminus to the handle of the handle, which adds a high terminus to the lake in Jelmers.

4.Pamban Bridge, Rameshwaram, India

With the Rameshwaram Island, this railroad can be seen from the main bridge only by connecting the mainland. This bridge is located in the world’s second most scorched area after Florida, its maintenance creates a challenging task. The view is very nice and you can enjoy the scenes at any time from morning to evening. If we are lucky, we can see a running train on this bridge. The scene of Paban, Rameswaram is very beautiful. Seawater is so crystal and clear sea air rails can be found due to rust.

5.White Pass and Yukon Route, Alaska

White Pass and Yukon Route Canadian and US Class II 3 feet (914 mm) narrow gauge railroad connect Skagway, Alaska port, and Yukon’s capital Whitehawk. An isolated system, it is not connected directly to any other railway. Equipment, freight and passenger ships travel through the streets and on the road through the streets.

6.Tren A Las Nubes, Argentina

The train is one of the three highest railways in the world in Las Vegas. It goes from Salta town (3,894 FAS) and ends La Polvorilla viaduct(13,850 f.a.s.l.) journey. Through it, it crosses the road leading up to the cloud, has enough time to enjoy very different and variable landscapes: from the green hills of Larma valley, where the city of Salta is located – at the ruinous ruins.

7.Ferrocarril Central Andino, Peru

The Ferocercalil Central Andino (FCCA) Consortium which operates the Flavia Central Railway in Peru and connects the capital of Calcutta with the Pacific Ocean and the capital of Hunaqo and Sero de Paso. Among the Trans-Indian Railways, it was the second highest in the world created by Polish engineer Ernest Malinowski in 1871-1876.




Top 7 Most Dangerous Train Tracks in the World

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Top 7 Most Dangerous Train Tracks in the World

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