Top 7 Plants That Eat Animals

Top 7 Plants That Eat Animals

Top 7 Plants That Eat Animals


1.Tropical Pitcher Plant

The tropical pitcher plant, from the summer vegetable to the scale of the main ingredient of nepenthes breeding, can reach the feet of “peach” height of this plant, it is not only insects and small harm, hunger, and even mammals. Debris animals are attracted by the sweet aroma of the plant, and once it can take two months as they fall into tropical pitcher plant crushing! About 150 expenses have spread around the eastern hemisphere; Some people’s pots are used as monkeys to drink cups (which are too big to find themselves in the wrong end of the food chain).


It is said because its wide leaves seem to have been coated with butter, butterwort (genus Pinguicula) and natives in north, south and central America. Instead of smelling the sweet smell, chickens attract insects that make the poisonous streams on the leaves wrong for the water; on the other hand, they become leaky in the cleft throat and slowly dissolve with enzymes. The chiseled lip bark can eat butterwort better by exoskeletons when you can often say that the dry milk inside it leaves its leaves after drying.

3.Portuguese Sundew

The Portuguese Sundew, Drosophyllum lusitanicum increases nutrition-poor soil along the coast of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco – so that you can sometimes forgive pests for insects. Like many other livestock plants in this list, the Portuguese attract bugs with sunny sweet aroma; Their leaves trap them in a sticky substance known as Mikilejas; Gradually miserable insect melt digestive enzymes, And absorb nutrients so that it can flower the other day. (However, there is nothing to do with theDrosophyllum of the Drosophila, which is known as a fruit fly.)

4.Trigger Plant

Despite its aggressive-sounding name, it is not clear if the trigger plant (genus Stylidium) is actually pregnant, or just trying to protect itself from harmful insects. Some species of trigger plants are equipped with “trichomes,” or sticky hair, which captures small processes with no relation to the Gulf process – and the leaves of these plants remove harmful enzymes which gradually consume their unfortunate prey. Still, waiting for research, we do not know that the trees actually produce any nutrients from their small, shy victims, or simply distribute them with unwanted spectators.

5.Venus Flytrap

Venus Flytrap is from other cattle plants that belong to the Tyrannosaurus Rex  Rex dinosaurs: probably not the largest, but the most well-known member of his lineage. In spite of what you have seen in the film, the Friday Venus flytrap is fairly small (this whole plant length is not more than half the feet) and its sticky “eyebrow” is almost an inch long. An interesting event about Friday flight: To spend false alarms from falling leaves and fragments of ruins, these pond traps will stop only after touching two different interior hair in 20 seconds…


Not all broccoli, although each bit to exclude people who care for exposed plants, Brocchinia reducta is actually a type of bromeliad, the same family of plants, including pineapple, Spanish fox and various thick-laced “succulents.” Brocchinia is decorated with long, slender peaches. , Which illuminates ultraviolet light (which is attracted by insects) and like other lists In this list, most of the trees produce sweet aroma which is essential for the average bug. Brocchinia was a real connotation if for a long time the botanists were unaware of the discovery of digestive enzymes in their chaotic hours.

7.Waterwheel Plant

For all intentions and purposes, the waterwheel plant (Aldrovanda vesiculosa) does not have any roots for Friday’s hydrophane version, it stimulates bugs on the surface of the lake and stimulates bugs with small snares (from five to nine collective “whorls” which extends below the length of the tree). Their eating habit and similarity to the physiological substances – the snare of the reservoir plant can close one-hundredth of a second – you will not be surprised that at this. Vesikulosa and Fri Friday share at least one. Normal ancestor, a fishery plant living in the Cenozoic period



Top 7 Plants That Eat Animals

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Top 7 Plants That Eat Animals

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